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Government Student Loans

VET Student Loans is a Government loan offered by the Australian Government to eligible students enrolling into Vocational Education and Training (VET) to help pay for their tuition fees.


VSL Key Facts

  1. A VET Student Loan is a loan issued by the Commonwealth

  2. This loan will remain as a personal loan that must be repaid to the Commonwealth

  3. The loan, until it has been repaid, may reduce the students after-tax income and may reduce the students borrowing capacity through other loan providers (such as home, car, etc)

  4. A student is welcome to seek additional financial advice prior to applying for a VET Student Loan

  5. A 20% loading fee is applied to all VET Student Loans by the Australian Government (This does not count towards your VSL cap).

  6. Indexation is applied by the ATO yearly.


You don’t need to begin repaying the loan until you earn over $48,361 a year. The loan is repaid based on your income at a percentage between 1% – 10%.

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Eligible Courses

Pathways Psychology Institute currently offers the Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 as a VET Approved Course.

For more information about the Diploma

of Counselling, click on the tab below.

Am I eligible to apply?


You will need to read the VET Student Loans Information Booklet before applying for a VET Student Loan.

To be eligible for a VET Student Loan,

you need to meet the following criteria:

Be an Australian Citizen (or in possession of eligible visa's)

Be over 18 years of age (parental consent required if under 18 years of age)

Have an issued Year 12 Certificate (A student may have a certificate or diploma already)

Have a Tax File Number

Have a Unique Student Identifier Number

  • Policies and Procedures
    All relevant policies and procedures can be located in the Pathways Psychology Student Handbook available on this website, including our; - Privacy Policy (Refer to Pg. 29) - Assessment Policy and Procedure (Refer to Pg. 32) - Plagiarism Policy ( Refer to Pg. 32) - Student Entry Procedure ( Refer to Pg. 33) - Withdrawal from Courses and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy and Procedure (Refer to Pg. 34) - Statement of VET Tuition Insurance (Refer to P.g 36) - VET Student Loan Application Requirements Policy and Procedure (Refer to Pg. 37) - Student Review Policy for Re-crediting VETSL Balance for a VET Student Loan Enabled Course (Refer to Pg. 40) - Replacement Provider Procedure (Refer to Pg. 42) - Fee and Refund Policy (Refer to Pg. 43) - Refund Policy - VET Student Loan Assistance (Pg. 45) - Complaints and Appeals Policy (Refer to Pg. 48) - Issuing of Certification Documents (Refer to Pg. 51)

Policies &

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