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Alumni Events and workshops

Pathways Psychology Institute also offers short workshops for our alumni and anyone who is interested in learning and practising ProcessWork Psychotherapy approaches.

CPD is available for these workshops.

The Dreambody – ProcessWork Psychotherapy Approaches

Working skillfully with client’s dreams and body experiences.


Join us for this Dreambody - ProcessWork Psychotherapy Approaches workshop - Working skillfully with client’s dreams and body experiences.

This informative practical workshop is suitable for both experienced Processwork Psychotherapists and those who are interested in learning about working with dreams and body symptoms using Processwork psychotherapy approaches.


  • Deepen - understanding of Processwork concept "Dreambody"and how to apply it.

• Recognise - how dreams and our bodies reveal our underlying dynamics
• Practise - 2 methods for accessing the wisdom of the dreambody

• Develop skills and methods for working with yours and clients’ dreams and body experiences

Presented by Head Trainer Yelena Udy 

Attend: Face-to-face or zoom attendance

Cost: $200 - Special price of $150 for Pathways Alumni and their guests.

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