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Pathways Community Counselling Clinic

Who are we?

"Difference is our Strength."

Pathways Community Counselling Clinic ​was first established to provide an affordable option for mental health care within the local community of Galston and surrounding suburbs. Our services have become so popular that we have now grown to offer our counselling to non-local clients as well.

Pathways Community Counselling Clinic aims to provide high quality and easily accessible counselling sessions run by graduate and intern counsellors of Pathways Psychology Institute.


All counsellors are facilitated by the skillset of professional psychologists and are involved in ongoing educational development programs to ensure they provide beneficial services using current therapy strategies. 


We welcome referrals from all services for clients in need of personal and emotional support.

Walk on the Beach

Our Mission

You are not alone.

We aim to make a change in our world. If we can help one person, we are helping a family. If families are helped, communities can heal. A healthier, more positive future for all is our vision.



Our Therapists

We have beautiful therapists from all walks of life, with different skills sets to match with our beautiful clients. Please visit our Clinic Website to find a therapist that you resonate with.

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Arm Around Shoulder

Caring for Others

The capacity of human beings to make space for another “I am here for you” can be so wonderful. Watching recent events on the news, we have so appreciated seeing communities and people from near and far all come together to help those needing support. 

Pathways Community Counselling Clinic is committed to making professional counselling accessible, affordable and convenient. Anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

Our professional counselling services cost only a $25.00 per session. Why so little? Because we believe that mental health support should be accessible to everyone.

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