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Are you passionate about making a difference for yourself and others?


Have you dreamt of a career creating positive impacts in the lives of many? Are you curious about why humans think and do the strange things we do?


Pathways Psychology Institute is a boutique institute offering small personalised counselling classes, taking students step by step through the journey of self discovery and professional development, since 2008. Training students to become effective, compassionate professional counsellors, changing lives using the skills they learn.


Pathways' courses center around a deep understanding and respect for each individual’s learning experience, and the importance of training professionals to be able to work with many established mainstream counselling modalities as well as holistic psychotherapies such as art therapy, role play, trauma therapy, mindfulness awareness. Undertake a course through Pathways and you will embark a journey of self discovery; challenging you to expand your world view, as you begin to see so much more in everyday communications. You will develop the professional skills to work in an established agency or in independent practice.


Counselling is a rapidly growing industry, the demand for qualified skilled counselling psychotherapists is rising. Our courses remain up-to-date with latest developments in psychological theory as well emerging fields of science including Quantum physics, self-organising systems and chaos theory. Many findings from diverse explorations all contribute to a new map of psychology by which to understand ourselves, our clients and our organisations. In addition to covering all the basics of counselling practice adhered to by professional counsellors, our courses emphasise the innovative findings of Process Oriented Psychology (developed by Dr Arnold Mindell and colleagues). We support our students to develop their own awareness both personally (inner work techniques) and professionally. Building on a strong foundation in basic counselling skills, we take our students on a journey in which we explore many ways of working with both our client’s conscious intentions, as well as appreciating those tendencies which defy their goals.


Our courses offer practitioners the means of noticing the unique ‘awareness style’ of each client, and the understanding of how to use this ‘inherent pathway’ to design the most effective approach in each situation. This method of psychological counselling is adaptive and resilient to diverse client groups and a wide array of client presentation circumstances. Our students all have extensive supervised practice in applying the skills they are learning.

Pathways History

Pathways Psychology Institute accredited its first two courses (Diploma and Advanced Diploma) with ACA (Australian Counselling Association) in October 2008, commencing classes in an old unused Primary School in Epping, training students in the most innovative approaches used in the counselling/psychotherapy industry. From its beginnings Pathways Psychology Institute has offered a number of scholarships to a range of students to help enable them to complete their studies in counselling. In 2010 Pathways Psychology Institute joined with DEEWR to create a scholarship scheme for Indigenous students to study the Counselling and Group Work

courses. In February 2011 the first residential for the At A Distance Indigenous student took place at Yaraandoo Life Centre our Arcadian campus.


In 2016 we moved our teaching facility to our Galston premises, we expanded our administration offices to include a new classroom while still continuing some class also at our Arcadia campus. We quickly out grew this class room, and plans and construction began in 2017 to create our new and larger campus classroom and a much larger space to house our administration department.


In 2018 Pathways Psychology became a Nationally Accredited, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with ASQA and in 2019 our first ASQA accredited course Diploma of Counselling (CHC51015) was offered to potential students. In 2020 we added another ASQA accredited course: Graduate Diploma of Trauma–Informed Processwork Psychotherapy (10779NAT).


Our course development team are constantly working to stay abreast at the “ coal face” of new emerging developments of techniques and training methods in the psychotherapy field. Always using quality mechanisms to improve our courses and designing new courses to meet the changing needs of the community.

Processwork Psychotherapy

Processwork Psychotherapy (also known as Process Oriented Psychotherapy), developed by Arny Mindell, uses many of the methods utilised in other modalities. The most essential aspect of Processwork is the comprehensive overview it provides to clarifying which particular technique is recommended with each client, in each changing situation. The Processwork practitioner pays a lot of attention to the client’s own “ signals” or responses to every intervention, and constantly re-orients to match both the sensory style of the client, the

rhythm and pace of the client, as well as the overall viewpoint of each particular client towards the issue they are working on understanding in more depth. This ongoing study of the client’s processing system, and calibrating the therapist’s methods to match that of the client makes Processwork psychotherapy more precise in meeting client’s needs than most other modalities.


Pathways Psychology Institute’s  students study a broad range of modalities, but as Processwork is our guide to assessing which method to use when, we do a lot of skills training in learning to read the precise indications the client constantly gives to our interventions. These client responses are referred to as the client “feedback" and becoming good at noticing your client’s feedback is an essential aspect of becoming a Processwork Psychotherapist. Supervised practice sessions form a part of every class, following the lecture material, which may be presented live, or via internet or digital/audio recordings (for students at-a-distance). Students are involved in small learning group tutorials where exercises and some assessments are worked on

collaboratively, as you develop your understanding and your growing skills.


Arnold Mindell has been leading the developments and research into applying Processwork in many contexts for the past decades. Alongside Arny and his wife, Amy Mindell, many colleagues have developed the effectiveness of these skills in a wide range of contexts (in addition to individual and couple counselling). These days there are many Processwork Psychotherapists applying the Processwork approach to working with individuals in coma, people suffering from a wide range of mental health diagnoses, as well as working with

very large groups on shared issues called “Deep Democracy”.



Candida Carelli 


I'm glad that I studied psychotherapy at Pathways. The Process Work modality is so helpful and respectful of clients and I'm already applying these skills with my clients

Bernadette Watt

Family Counsellor

Training in Process Work at Pathways Psychology Institute has been the most wonderful experience and has opened up a whole new world of love , compassion and understanding for myself and to share with others

Hanoch Ben-David


"Studying with Pathways Psychology Institute was a very deep and thorough learning experience. Learning material is presented with great real client examples and trainings emphasise experiential learning.