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Julian Reddish


It was a fantastic learning experience for me. The Diploma course helped me grow and mature. I've learnt a lot about myself, my emotions and really grown as a person while also developing the resources and confidence to truly be able to help others. After completing the Diploma course in 2019 

I enrolled to the Graduate Diploma  in 2020/2021.

Mathis Engel (Mat the Tree Fella)


It has been inspiring to watch our trainer, Yelena, work with clients as well as with us students. She has an amazing way to tune into people’s wavelength and elicit the essence of their particular healing pathway forward.

Vanessa Maier


Throughout the 2 years I was guided, supported and supervised in my clinical practice and afforded the opportunity to work with my peers at the student evening clinics and clients at the One Step clinic which included work with couples and group facilitation. Since graduating, I have continued to receive alumni support from the Institute and Process Work has gone on to significantly shape my continued development both as a professional and an individual. The skills training and theoretical concepts I was exposed to at Pathways have truly been invaluable.