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Policies & Procedures

  • Policies and Procedures
    All relevant policies and procedures can be located in the Pathways Psychology Student Handbook available on this website, including our; - Privacy Policy (Refer to Pg. 29) - Assessment Policy and Procedure (Refer to Pg. 32) - Plagiarism Policy ( Refer to Pg. 32) - Student Entry Procedure ( Refer to Pg. 33) - Withdrawal from Courses and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy and Procedure (Refer to Pg. 34) - Statement of VET Tuition Insurance (Refer to P.g 36) - VET Student Loan Application Requirements Policy and Procedure (Refer to Pg. 37) - Student Review Policy for Re-crediting VETSL Balance for a VET Student Loan Enabled Course (Refer to Pg. 40) - Replacement Provider Procedure (Refer to Pg. 42) - Fee and Refund Policy (Refer to Pg. 43) - Refund Policy - VET Student Loan Assistance (Pg. 45) - Complaints and Appeals Policy (Refer to Pg. 48) - Issuing of Certification Documents (Refer to Pg. 51)
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