Psychologist Registration Program



Pathways Psychology Institute’s 4 + 2 internship program meets requirements for training towards registration as a "Psychologist" with the Psychology Board of Australia.


This internship costs $23,000. for the 2 year program.


This program  provides you with guidance in completing all requirements, individual and group supervision, some face to face client exposure (all interns will need to be proactive in bringing clients to the clinic for supervised practice).


Additionally an Intern may choose to also complete our Professional Training in Counselling / Psychotherapy.


When both courses are completed together the cost for combined training is: $37,500.


 PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia) is the national peak body for professional associations within the Counselling and Psychotherapy profession. Our PACFA accredited course (included as part of your 4 & 2 Internship Program) will introduce you to effective counselling skills; learning to read the unique ‘signals’ of each client to design appropriate psychological interventions specific to individual needs.


On completion of this combined 4 & 2 Internship Program you will register as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and register as a counsellor/psychotherapist with PACFA.


Places for the 4 + 2 Internship are limited and fill quickly. Ensure your place in the program by contacting us today…. You can call us on 0450530880,  use our contact page on the website, or email us at


Interns in the PPI Psychology Registration Program have the opportunity to participate in an international research project which meets the Psychology Board of Australias learning criteria for Research and Evaluation. Read more on the Research Project Page. 


Who is this program for? 


Our newly updated psychology registration program is designed for graduates of a 4-year psychology degree who want to complete supervised work experience requirements for registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA).  Our program is designed to train psychology interns in understanding the dynamics of clients (including individuals, couples, families and groups) and to be skilled at applying these to real situations.


Whether you are new to working with actual clients, or have significant past experience, we provide the structure in which you can:

  • Increase your abilities in working effectively with clients, specifically learning to read the clients signals to assess the efficacy of each intervention;
  • Expand and deepen your knowledge and understanding;
  • Improve your interpersonal skills and ability to effectively facilitate different perspectives;
  • Learn a large range of interventions to be able to maximise benefit in each individual case.


This registration training hopes to inspire you to bring your creativity to the work you do with others, encouraging transformational change, personal development and ‘meaning’ in your clients’ lives.


What is the program about? 


This program meets all the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia.


35-hours/week placement, (our placement requires a capacity to work independently and autonomously to develop a project and take it through to completion. There is support and guidance available; however, you are expected to do a lot of work on your own initiative and/or within a team. This program is not suitable for someone who is not able to apply his or her own initiative to developing a group community project within our counselling clinic.)


This breaks down to the following:

  • Direct client contact minimum 1114 hours/2 years
  • Client related activities 1670 hours/2 years
  • Individual supervision 117 hours/2 years
  • Group supervision
59 hours/2 years
  • Professional development practical skills training 120 hours/2 years


Our program offers the unique opportunity to complete the “Professional Training in Process Psychotherapy”, which enables you to become a registered counsellor / psychotherapist, nation-wide with PACFA.


Entrance Requirements and Application Process: 


The Psychology Registration Program requires:

  1. Applicants will need to submit a PPI application form, a curriculum vitae, certified copies of academic qualifications and a letter outlining their interest in this specific registration program.
  2. Applicants will submit a list of organisations they have approached and who have agreed to allow the intern work experience (to increase their experience during their placement). This can be paid or voluntary work experience. These hours will contribute towards their psychology placement hours.
  3. Applicants will need to have completed 4 years of tertiary education in the area of Psychology as required by the Psychology Board of Australia.
  4. Applicants will need to agree to abide by our Code of Ethics and our Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.
  5. Applicants applying for the Psychologists registration program will be selected through an interview and assessment process.


When & Where:  


Provisional psychologists will attend weekly scheduled supervision, placement and professional development sessions.


Some attendance required at our Galston Clinic rooms, 6 Belbowrie Close, GALSTON. New South Wales as well as at our Yaraandoo campus, 28 Nollands Road, Arcadia NSW. 


How much does it cost?