Introductory Course in Counselling


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Who is this course for?


This maximum one-year program is designed for those people wanting to work in counselling with individuals, couples and families. Our students may be young people wishing to embark on their first career as a counselling psychotherapist or be mature age students wanting to develop new skills for a change of profession.


This course can be taken to expand and deepen one's interpersonal skills to enhance a current professional (and personal) life in any field, which includes health professionals, and human service providers (such as nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, welfare workers, therapists) whose work involves daily interactions with other people.


This course provides entrance requirements for commencing Professional Training in Process Psychotherapy. Students may apply for recognition of prior learning towards completion of this one-year course with relevant background experience and/or training.


What is this course about?


The following modules will be completed:

  • Introduction to Counselling – Comparative Modalities 1 & 2
  • Practical Introduction to Basic Counselling skills 1 & 2
  • Introduction to Inner Work: Integrating Reflective Practice in Counselling 1,2,3 & 4.


When and Where:


Course dates and campus varies, please contact us for further details.



How Much Does the Course Cost:



For those applicants, whose RPL allows them to meet all PACFA requirements, by completing only one half of the Introduction to Counselling Course - 6 month Professional Supervision of live and videoed client work - the cost of this 6 month training is $3,800.  


Entry Requirements:


An interest in the following:

  • Understanding different people
  • The diversity of how humans process information.
  • Developing skills in how to best relate to, and work with different people in a counselling role.


Application Process:


All of the following are to be submitted:  

  1. A PPI application form.
  2. Current Resume
  3. RPL form.


Applications for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL's) must be submitted at this time and will be assessed by our Director of Training.