Graduate Diploma of Trauma-Informed Processwork Psychotherapy

We are very proud to be offering our ASQA accredited Graduate Diploma of Trauma-Informed Processwork

Psychotherapy. Our Diploma and Graduate Diploma trainings are the only government accredited Processwork

trainings available in Australia. 


The Graduate Diploma of Trauma-Informed Processwork Psychotherapy is taught as a combination of day and

evening classes, study groups, and home study readings/ assessments, which can be accessed at-a-distance or

in person, as three intensive 3.5 day residential trainings which must be attended in person each year (6 in

total). These residentials focus on supervision and coaching feedback for each student on their skills

development, and application of the theory.


This two-year course incorporates practical skills-based training practice; the theoretical foundations of

Processwork Psychotherapy; the latest neurobiological developments (theory and skills) in working with

trauma/stress effectively; as well as all the ASQA requirements. Over the 8 terms students will complete eight

enterprise units called modules (detailed on next page), participating in a total of 1340 hours of training,

learning and assessment activities.


Our Graduate Diploma may be taken by either professionals already working in the industry (counselling,

mental health and coaching field who’d like to develop and deepen their skills as well as new students

wanting to develop counselling skills towards commencing work in the counselling and psychotherapeutic field.

Our courses cover the information you need to commence work as a counselling practitioner or to take you to

the next level in your counselling career. Our course provides the context and group-learning support and

encouragement to develop your self-awareness, alongside your professional skills as you move along this

pathway becoming the best counsellor you can be. This qualification is intended to provide participants with a

range of Processwork psychotherapy skills and knowledge to perform effectively the many complex functions

associated with providing Processwork counselling and psychotherapeutic support including:


Processwork psychotherapy with individuals

Processwork coaching and facilitation of leadership capacities in small teams

Facilitating deep democracy for improved communication in groups and organisations

Ensuring clients’ trauma needs are acknowledged and responded to sensitively and

respectfully for the best possible outcomes.


Most students applying for our Post-graduate course already hold an undergraduate degree from an

accredited Higher Education Provider. Pathways’ does allow admission under special circumstances

to applicants without an undergraduate degree. Pathways offers entrants with substantial training and

experience, an alternative pathway into the course. Those who have a minimum of 10 years’

experience working with people and can show evidence of appropriate training may apply for RPL’s. Those

with no degree and no relevant experience will need to complete our Diploma of Counselling (CHC51015)

course successfully before applying for consideration for entrance to our Graduate Diploma. All applicants

must provide Pathways with their relevant certificates and demonstrate through a personal interview that

their training and experiences meet the requirements for admission. During the personal interviews

prospective students are also assessed for fundamental human capacities, such as self-awareness, relational

capacity, and ethical behavior, before acceptance into a counselling course.









Next intake commences February 2020 - Enrolments now open. 


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Please follow this LINK to download an application form. 






The cost for the 2 year program is $18,000.00. (excl. GST)


We are currently offering an early-bird special of 20% off if you enrol and begin payment before 1st December 2019! - see payment options table below. 


We have a number of payment plans and options, for more information contact our administration team. 




All applications including scholarship applications incur an additional non-refundable $250.00 administration fee.