Faculty & STAFF 

All teaching and supervising staff of Pathways Psychology Institute have completed training in Process Oriented Psychology both in Australia and Internationally.


Our faculty have internationally recognised Masters Degrees or higher in psychology or psychotherapeutic practice.


All trainers and training support staff have experience working clinically within a very broad range of counselling modalities and contexts including:

  • Process Psychology
  • Process Oriented Psychology
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Transpersonal Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Gestalt
  • Egan
  • Art therapy
  • Couple Counselling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation
  • Business coaching
  • Consultation/Facilitation
  • Trans-national Corporations


Our faculty are actively employed in the field of counselling/psychotherapy; all are maintaining private practices and participating in ongoing professional development. They are all continuously upgrading their skills and staying in touch with the latest developments so as to maintain our high standard of teaching for our students as well as having extensive experience training in a wide range of learning situations.




Yelena Udy



  • Founder of Pathways Psychology Institute
  • Founder of One Step at a Time Counselling Clinic
  • Board member
  • Director of Yaraandoo
  • Managing Director
  • Head of Training
  • Supervisor


B.A. (Psychology), N.D., Diploma in Soc. Sc.(Psychology), M.Litt. (Psychology), M.A. (Conflict Facilitation & Organisational Change), Naturopath.

Member: Australian Psychological Society, Australian Traditional Medicine Society.



Yelena is the founder and CEO of Pathways Psychology Institute. She is a registered psychologist working in her own private practice in Galston and now Brooklyn for over 15 years.


She has also worked for Relationships Australia in Sydney as a counsellor as well as a supervisor and trainer from 2005-2008.


Having been looking for years for a style of counselling that would align with her way of thinking, she was introduced in the late 1980’s to Process Oriented Psychology when Dr. Max Schubach came to Australia for a series of workshops. It was at this point the seed was sown in Yelena’s mind to one day create a school and clinic that would teach Process Psychology and care for those in need of psychological help in a Process Psychological approach.


Yelenas' passion for working with people in ways that respects all levels of their experience; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually as well as including their dreaming nature, has progressed over the years of counselling to also include teaching these ways of respect. Over these many years Yelena found she had a love for teaching and inspiring practitioners with an in-depth approach to counselling, based on two decades of training and experience integrating Process Oriented Psychology into her work.


Yelena continues to expanding her knowledge and improving her skills as both a counsellor and trainer by travelling around Australia and Internationally each year to conferences and workshops primarily in Process Oriented Psychology.





Jessie White:



  • Tutor 
  • Trainer
  • Course and unit development


Jessie specialises in counselling for children, parents (couples) and families.  
She completed training in Process Oriented Psychology through Pathways and also holds a Diploma of Counselling. She is
a parent educator and a trained Circle of Security Facilitator and designer of Me, You and We parent education program.  Jessie holds a B.A in Education and a Cert. IV in Training and Supervision. 



Yvonne Moriaty: 



  • Tutor 
  • Trainer
  • Course and unit development
Yvonne has over 15 years experience in the field of counselling both in both professional and academic roles. She holds a Diploma of Counselling and Group Work (Process Work), an Advanced Diploma of Psychotherapy & Group Work (Process Work) as well as Counsellor Training Facilitation, Certificate in Telephone Counselling and Certificate IV in Training and Supervision. She has done work with Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome
researching the latest interventions, Australian legal position, and material for presentations to mental health institutions.



Denise Dean



  • Founding member of Pathways Psychology Institute
  • Head of Administration



Denise has a background of over 20 years in Graphic Design in the advertising and marketing sector. She has run numerous businesses of her own in the fields of advertising and marketing/promotions as well as for many years in property investment and development and Australia and overseas




Zoe Hodgkinson




  • Administration assistant
  • Student liaison



Zoe has been with Pathways since 2014 and has over 10 years experience in office administration and Graphic design.

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