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Welcome to Pathways Psychology Institute




Are you passionate about making a difference for yourself and others?


Have you dreamt of a career creating positive impacts in the lives of many? Are you curious about why humans think and do the strange things we do?


Pathways Psychology Institute is a boutique institute offering small personalised counselling classes, taking students step by step through the journey of self discovery and professional development, since 2008. Training students to become effective, compassionate professional counsellors, changing lives using the skills they learn in their 2-year Professional Training in Process Psychotherapy.


This course will open doorways for you, showing you how to notice both the verbal and non-verbal signals of another person’s communication (e.g. body language, tone of voice, dreams). What makes PPI stand out from other courses is their deep respect for each individual’s experience, and the importance of training professionals to be able to work with many established counselling modalities (wholistic psychotherapies including art therapy, role play, trauma therapy, mindfulness awareness) whilst assessing which method works best for each individual client. Their courses starts you on a journey of self discovery; challenging you to expand your world view, as you begin to see so much more in everyday communications. You will develop the professional skills to work in an established agency or in independent practice.


Counselling is presently one of the most rapidly growing industries, with the demand for qualified skilled counselling psychotherapists rising.


Pathways Psychology Institute provides PACFA accredited professional training in counselling/psychotherapy as well as our Psychologist Registration Program (which meets the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia, AND meets requirements of registration as a "Counsellor/Psychotherapist" Nationally).


Our courses train students in the latest developments in psychological theory as well as offering training which integrates information from emerging areas in science, including Quantum physics, self- organising systems and chaos theory. Many findings from diverse explorations all contribute to a new map of psychology by which to understand ourselves, our clients and our organisations. In addition to covering all the basics of counselling practice adhered to by professional counsellors, our courses emphasise the innovative findings of Process Oriented Psychology (developed by Dr Arnold Mindell and colleagues). We support our students to develop their own awareness both personally (inner work techniques) and professionally. Building on a strong foundation in basic counselling skills, we take our students on a journey in which we explore many ways of working with both our client’s conscious intentions, as well as appreciating those tendencies which defy their goals.


Our courses offer practitioners the means of noticing the unique ‘awareness style’ of each client, and the understanding of how to use this ‘inherent pathway’ to design the most effective approach in each situation. This method of psychological counselling is adaptive and resilient to diverse client groups and a wide array of client presentation circumstances.


Our courses are designed to train practitioners to become highly skilled at reading the ‘maps’ or ‘pathways’ inherently indicated by each clients presentation; sensitive to noticing the levels of information each client brings (both verbal and non-verbal somatic responses). Our students all have extensive supervised practice in applying the skills they are learning.


Pathways Psychology Institute offers 3 programs


1.The Introductory Course in Counselling is a pre-requisite for those who do not have a B.A. degreerelevant or as a general introduction to counselling. This course can be used as a pathway into our 2 year Professional Training in Process Psychology (PACFA accredited). Read more


2. The Professional Training in Process Psychology (PACFA accredited) develops students counselling and psychotherapy skills to the level of working professionally with clients as registered counsellors in Australia.  Read more


3. The Psychology Registration Program. Graduates of this course will have met training requirements both to register as "Psychologists" with the Psychology Board of Australia AND to register Nationally as a "Counsellor/Psychotherapist". Read more



Graduate Testimonials


"I began my journey with Pathways Psychology Institute in 2010 when I was looking for a program that would support me through the 4+2 pathway in becoming registered as a psychologist with AHPRA. After stumbling across the website and becoming intrigued by the idea of 'Process Work', I arranged a meeting with Yelena Udy. Yelena's passion to teach and the Process Oriented method really resonated with me as a psychological approach and in 2012 I graduated from the Professional Training in Psychotherapy course in combination with the Psychology Registration Program.

Throughout the 2 years I was guided, supported and supervised in my clinical practice and afforded the opportunity to work with my peers at the student evening clinics and clients at the One Step clinic which included work with couples and group facilitation. Since graduating, I have continued to receive alumni support from the Institute and Process Work has gone on to significantly shape my continued development both as a professional and an individual. The skills training and theoretical concepts I was exposed to at Pathways have truly been invaluable.

If you are a motivated learner and are looking for a dynamic experience where you are supported and encouraged to proactively develop your therapeutic style whilst also exploring your own patterns and understanding of the self and world through inner-work, then I highly recommend you enrol in a course or qualification at Pathways." 

Vanessa Maier / Psychologist (AHPRA) / Counselling Psychologist (HCPC)



"I have studied Process work Psychology as part of my Registration Program with Pathways Psychology Institute. It is absolutely marvellous and makes practising as a Psychologist have a different depth and meaning. I get results from the clients  a lot quicker than working with main stream psychology only. We form a rapport and I understand them and feel them more.  It makes working with a client like going on a life journey with every single one of them. Studying Process Work Psychology has enriched me as a Psychologist and a person." Lisa Taher


"I can't recommend PPI and the staff of the Institute highly enough. I have studied through a lot of private colleges and universities, and I have never experienced student-centred learning like PPI offers anywhere else. At PPI my needs as a student were always met and the staff had a genuine interest in making the training as relevant as possible to the situation of the students. I know how much PPI does for its students and it is remarkable". Charlie Ward


"I'm glad that I studied psychotherapy at Pathways. The Process Work modality is so helpful and respectful of clients and I'm already applying these skills with my clients." Candida Carelli


"Training in Process Work has been the most wonderful experience and has opened up a whole new world of love , compassion and understanding for myself and to share with others." Bernadette Watt