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Welcome to Pathways Psychology Institute



Pathways Psychology Institute provides PACFA accredited professional training in counselling/psychotherapy as well as our Psychologist Registration Program (which meets the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia, AND meets requirements of registration as a "Counsellor/Psychotherapist" Nationally).


Our courses train students in the latest developments in psychological theory as well as offering training which integrates information from emerging areas in science, including Quantum physics, self- organising systems and chaos theory. Many findings from diverse explorations all contribute to a new map of psychology by which to understand ourselves, our clients and our organisations. In addition to covering all the basics of counselling practice adhered to by professional counsellors, our courses emphasise the innovative findings of Process Oriented Psychology (developed by Dr Arnold Mindell and colleagues). We support our students to develop their own awareness both personally (inner work techniques) and professionally. Building on a strong foundation in basic counselling skills, we take our students on a journey in which we explore many ways of working with both our client’s conscious intentions, as well as appreciating those tendencies which defy their goals.


Our courses offer practitioners the means of noticing the unique ‘awareness style’ of each client, and the understanding of how to use this ‘inherent pathway’ to design the most effective approach in each situation. This method of psychological counselling is adaptive and resilient to diverse client groups and a wide array of client presentation circumstances.


Our courses are designed to train practitioners to become highly skilled at reading the ‘maps’ or ‘pathways’ inherently indicated by each clients presentation; sensitive to noticing the levels of information each client brings (both verbal and non-verbal somatic responses). Our students all have extensive supervised practice in applying the skills they are learning.


Pathways Psychology Institute presently offers 3 programs


1. The Introductory Course in Counselling is a pre-requisite for those who do not have a B.A. degreerelevant or as a general introduction to counselling. Read more


2. The Professional Training in Process Psychology (PACFA accredited) develops students counselling and psychotherapy skills to the level of working professionally with clients as registered counsellors in Australia. This course is offered in two presentation formats:

  • 8 x 11 week term, attendance weekly at Galston or Arcadia campuses in Sydney. Read more
  • At–a–distance residential block delivery of course material (with additional on–line components). Read more


3. The Psychology Registration Program is a full–time program (35 hours/week) over two years meeting Australian Board of Psychology requirements for an Internship Psychologist Registration Program. 

Graduates of this course will have met training requirements both to register as "Psychologists" with the Psychology Board of Australia AND to register Nationally as a "Counsellor/Psychotherapist".


This program includes The Professional Training in Process Psychotherapy; with additional placement and supervisory hours completed each week. Read more